Hakuna Matata

My Prayer For 2013

Father in Heaven,

Today I choose to release everything that has tired to hold me back. I release the past; I release bitterness; I release failures and missed opportunities. Instead, I embrace your grace and power to boldly move forward into the blessings you have for me. 

In Jesus name I pray, AMEN

Damn. I really been sitting here thinking. The cons definitely out way the pros when it comes to my family. It’s crazy because I still go above and beyond for them no matter how I get treated in life. I always give them my last, even though I’m on my own and struggling in college. Being home has made me realize a lot. When I graduate, I’m taking a break from a lot of things and people. The ones that love me know where to find me though.

This is exactly the shit I’m talking about. I don’t even know why I’m expressing myself on here, but I’m just tired of holding it in. I’m fucking tired and just want to be left alone. It seems like everyone wants something from me and my dumb ass just can’t say no. I will forever cherish those random text messages and phone calls from people just saying “I love you” (Which is rare). Now I sit with this empty feeling, trying to…nvm fuck it. Back to my homework.


I should listen to Rafiki 

I should listen to Rafiki 

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I almost lost my niece over 5 times.  She’s only 7 months.  Last weekend, she was finally able to go home.  Through everything she’s been through, she always manages to smile.  She motivates and inspires me to smile. I honestly don’t even want to be in SB anymore, I just want to be with her.  Something about the way she smiles at me makes me feel like I’m not alone.

My prayers now are much different from when I was younger. I stopped asking him and started thanking him because without him, I’ve wouldn’t have gotten this far. #Fact

Four pipes, a bong, and a handful of lighters just laying around my apartment.  Its so tempting right now.  I told myself I would quit though and I did. It’s been a while.  Even though I know it would help me clear my mind right now, I’m not about that life anymore. :( Gotta keep my promises.